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Laser Therapy

What Is Laser Therapy?

LASER is an acronym for Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Within the laser apparatus there will be a source of atoms capable of reaching an “excited” state in response to energy input (battery or electricity). As the atoms return to their stable state they give off photons (light energy).

The type of atoms in the machine will determine the wavelength of light emitted. There are four specific wavelengths suitable for therapeutic treatment. Multiple wavelengths provide a synergistic effect and broadens the range of treatment options, thereby improving clinical outcomes. The laser used at VETMACS is capable of delivering all of them.  

How Does Laser Therapy Work

Photobiomodulation is the process by which healing occurs.  Cell reproduction and growth is necessary to repair damaged tissue, reduce inflammationand provide analgesia. This requires energy (ATP) which is produced within the cell. Laser energy is absorbed by cells within the bloodstream and tissue, and stimulates increased ATP production.  

Laser can be used to increase healing time after surgery, reduce infection in wounds and reduce swelling or inflammation of muscle and joints.  

Determining Treatment Protocols

The dose administered to the patient will depend on the area being treated and the power of the laser. The location (superficial or deep) and the desired clinical outcome (pain relief, infection, inflammation) will determine the required dose and therefore the length of time to apply the Laser. Increased power will be necessary for deeper penetration to treat muscle or joint injuries. The laser used at VETMACS is a class 4 laser. This class of laser may only be used by licenced practitioners but is able to deliver more effective treatment within a shorter timeframe.  

The number and frequency of treatments will be determined by the condition being treated and will be discussed with you at the time of examination.  

Safety considerations?

Safety glasses will be provided for humans and the pet when the laser is in use. No-one under the age of 16 or pregnant may be in the vicinity when the laser is being operated.  

Therapeutic lasers do not damage healthy tissue when used correctly. Thermal burns can occur with high power or prolonged exposure, however the laser used at VETMACS produces minimal heat so this is unlikely to occur.  


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