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Rehabilitation and Conditioning

What is Rehabilitation and Conditioning?

Rehabilitation involves the strengthening of muscles to improve structure during the recovery phase following surgery or injury. Conditioning is designed to maintain the optimal structural alignment and strength to allow performance animals to function at their peak and reduce the risk of injuries.

Each patient will be individually evaluated for gait, conformation, muscle tone and sources of tension or pain. Specific exercises will be given to strengthen weakened areas and improve core strength (Yes, dogs can do sit-ups too!). By improving stability, support can be provided to injured areas thus aiding recovery.

What does rehabilitation involve?

Rehabilitation is crucial after orthopaedic surgeries or significant musculoskeletal injuries. If the injured limb is not able to regain full function, additional forces will be distributed to the other limbs. This additional force predisposes them to further injuries and can lead to degenerative joint disease.

Laser treatments are often utilised during rehabilitation to reduce healing time.

What is the importance of conditioning?

Just as world-class professional and amateur athletes need training programs incorporating both strength and endurance components, so to do our canine companions. Working dogs in all disciplines benefit from adequate conditioning to prevent injuries and allow them to reach their performance peaks. Exercises will be tailored to their individual needs and specific sporting pursuits.


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