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Veterinary Acupuncture

What is Veterinary Acupuncture?

Acupuncture may be defined as the insertion of needles into specific points on the body to produce a healing response. Each acupuncture point has specific actions when stimulated.  This can result in improved circulation, hormone release, nerve stimulation and relief of muscle spasms. Acupuncture can be used either alone or in conjunction with Western medicine, to treat a wide variety of conditions including, musculoskeletal injuries, anxiety, allergies, arthritis and intervertebral disc disease to name a few.

Is Acupuncture Painful?

For small animals, the insertion of acupuncture needles is virtually painless. The needles are extremely fine and have a blunt end to enable them to pass between tissue fibres rather than cut through them. Occasionally they may experience unpleasant sensation but this usually passes very quickly. There should be no further pain once all of the needles have been placed. Most animals become very relaxed and may even become sleepy.

Is Acupuncture Safe for Animals?

Acupuncture is one of the safest forms of medical treatment for animals when it is administered by a properly trained veterinarian.

Side effects of acupuncture are rare, but they do exist. An animal’s condition may seem worse for up to 48 hours after a treatment. Other animals become lethargic or sleepy for 24 hours. These effects are an indication that some physiological changes are developing, and they are most often followed by an improvement in the animal’s condition.

How Many Treatments Will My Pet Need?

Treatment plans will vary depending on the condition being treated and the individual response. Generally treatments will start weekly for up to 5 treatments. The interval is then extended as the condition improves. The overall number of treatments will vary with chronic conditions such as arthritis usually benefiting from ongoing acupuncture to manage comfort and mobility.

Is Acupuncture the Same as Dry Needing?

No. Acupuncture involves the insertion of needles into specific points on one of the 12 standard meridians. Distant points may be used to treat areas that lie on that same meridian. For example, an eye condition may be treated by placing a needle in a back foot! Dry needling generally involves insertion of needles into a muscle knot to relieve tension and acts in the specific area it is placed. Many physiotherapists will employ dry needling. The needles are physically the same but the method in which they are used differs.

What is Electroacupuncture?

Electroacupuncture involves gentle electical stimulation of specific needles by connecting small electrodes to the needles. It is particularly good for conditions where there is a need for nerve or muscle stimulation such as intervertebral disc disease. It is not a painful procedure and is generally very well tolerated by the patients.


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